Fibre Pillow :

  • Sleep in Comfort… Awake Refreshed, Soft forBack sleepers. Strong Absorption. Breathable & Thermal Regulating.
  • Plush for Stomach & Side sleepers. Super Soft & Slow Recovery. Outer Cover: – 100% Peached Micro Fabric, Filling: – Ultra SiliconizedFibre, ULTRA SILICONISED FIBER FILLING, 100% PEACHED MICRO FIBRE, FLUFFY FIRM NECK SUPPORT
  • PILLOW SIZE ‐ 27-inch x 17 inch or 69cm x 43cm.
  • Use lukewarm water with mild detergent. Dip pillow repeatedly to remove dirt, do not twist or rub, Rinse in clean, warm water. Remove excess water by squeezing gently. Drip dry in mild sunlight. No machine washes.

Libra Premium Pillow Set:

  • Plush for Stomach & Side sleepers. Super Soft & Slow Recovery.
  • PILLOW SIZE ‐ 27-inch x 17 inch or 69cm x 43cm.
  • Colour: White
  • Material: Polyester Fibre
  • Qty: Set of 2
  • Pillows will come vacuum packed in a thin slender package. Once the package is opened, pillows will expand to their actual sizes.

Libra Music Pillow:

  • Helps you to listen your favourite music tracks
  • Helps to relax the mind and body with soothing sounds and music
  • It does not have any radiations so it doesn’t affect the body by any means
  • Portability you can take it anywhere like in plane, train or cars
  • Cover: 100% cotton. It has thread count, which make the fabric soft and allows the fibre to stay intact inside and the filling is of conjugated fibre. A perfect gift for your loved ones

Luxos Clay Memory Foam Pillow:

  • TRADITIONAL SHAPE of The Memory Foam Pillows For Sleeping: are a great alternative from the cotton filled Or micro fibre pillows, which sag and clump soon after use. The Pillows help in relieving pressure, back pain and provide neck pain relief.
  • ZERO PRESSURE RELIEF & PERFECT COMFORT WITH HIGH DENSITY: The regular Memory foam pillows are not just comfortable, but also provides relief from backaches, headaches, neck issues or other pain related problems which we face due to stress.
  • LUXURY SLEEPING PILLOWS – Provides therapeutic relief for side sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers. You will wake up feeling fully recharged and ready to take the day. Its Stitched Inner Jersey cover which protects the memory foam.
  • HEALTHY &SAFE: Safe to use, eco-friendly, the pillows are hypoallergenic and free from any dust mites and irritants. These pillows are nice and thick (5 inches height) and are work well with individuals who like more thickness and bulk.

Luxos Clay Memory Foam Neck Pillow:

  • The Neck pillow is made of memory foam which is covered in soft fabric zip cover. This pillow cover can be removed with a zipper and is washable to reuse multiple times.
  • Lightweight, portable, and perfect for traveling by air plane, car, train or bus. Just fold the pillow to reduce its volume and put it inside the transport pouch for easy carry.
  • Our product is designed with a narrower back and extra cushioning on sides to truly support your neck rest which makes the whole experience comfortable and pain free. A strap allows you to adjust the pillow to your needs. So tightly snug it around your neck and sleep like a baby.
  • Got a loved one who travels frequently? Surprise them with this Travel Essential. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

Libra Latex Pillow:

  • Color:Grey, Size Name:Large
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Package Contents:1 Aero Pillow
  • Size:15 inch x 23 inch x 5 inch
  • Classic shape: Rise and shine’s classic range of pillows are the traditional shape seen by us generally. This pillow is perfect for those who prefer to use thick pillow as it is of 5” thickness.
  • Latex comfort foam: Super soft foam with a latex feel is similar to natural rubber in terms of bounce and faster response time. The cushion remains cool because of the cooling technology.
  • Aero technology: With the pin core technology the pillow has the maximum ventilation of air so that the temperature of the pillow is regulated while you sleep. Pinholes make the pillow breathable.

Libra Couch bed :

  • Sofa is made out of compliance material like kiln dried wood reinforced with Furniture grade engineered wood
  • Multicolours cushions filled with non-conjugated polyfill makes this sofa more elegant, Assembly Required: DIY (Do it yourself)
  • Comes in transit worthy packaging to avoid any damage during transportation

Sofa Cum Bed :

  • Package Content One Sofa with Cover + Two Pillow
  • This folding foam mattress doubles as a sleeper and a sofa, providing comfort seating and serving as a convenient guest mattress in one
  • Material: EPE foam and softy foam on both sides. Sofa Cover Upholstery Material: Poly Cotton Fabric Washable Cover
  • This folding foam mattress doubles as a sleeper and a sofa, providing easy seating and serving as a convenient guest mattress