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Always carry your mattress flat on its side. This will reduce the chance of mattress getting damaged., 4) Always cover your mattress, as it’s difficult to clean stained upholstery, 5) Never smoke in the bed and preferably off it as well, 7) Always keep your mattress dry. Protect it from any liquids including dry cleaning fluids. This might impact the construction., 6) Never mistake your mattress for a trampoline or diving board or sit on the edges could distort the shape, 2) Always rotate your mattress every few months for prolonged support and life, 8) Never bend/ fold your mattress. This will impact the core and construction of the product., 9) Never remove the tag from your mattress. This is required to avail guarantee., 3) Always flip a reversible mattress. These are designed to provide the right support regardless of the side you are sleeping on.

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2 Year


Bonded Foam , Coir


Orthopedic Mattress, Sag Resistant Mattress


4, 5, 6


PU Foam

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Waterproof zip cover ; spillproof; Removable washable cover; Reversible; Rolled & Vacuumed Mattress, Sag Resistant Mattress


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